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Mid-Century Modern Design: GET THE LOOK

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

If you know only one thing about me as a designer, you probably know that I'm totally obsessed with everything mid century modern! In fact, I was recently featured as an expert on the topic by My post was about all things Mid Century modern dining tables, and I shared some of my favorite resources as well. I was inspired and had so much more to say, I thought I’d write my own blog on the subject of mid century modern design, but widen the scope beyond just the dining tables.

Without further ado… today, on the blog:

  • I’m breaking down how I styled my own mid mod dining room

  • Sharing the style essentials for creating your own mid century look

  • A list of the best resources for mid mod tables, lighting, decor, and chairs

Is Mid-Century Modern Still Trending?

It sure is! A perfect combination of organic elements and nostalgia make mid-century modern style timeless. Its clean, sleek lines make it easy to integrate mid mod pieces into many other styles like contemporary or eclectic spaces.

What Makes a Room Midcentury Modern?

This contemporary décor style is admired for its simplicity, organic materials, and clean lines, as well as its comfort and functionality. The design, which is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, has a timeless quality and will never go out of style. One of the unique features of MCM is that it brings nature indoors, from giant expanses of glass to small details such as living house plants as decor.

Moody dining room by Sarah Fultz

Bright and cheery dining room by Tina Ramchandan

How To Design a Mid Mod Dining Room

In my house, the chandelier dominated the Great Room, as it was at the center of the dining room design. For the perfect mid century light fixture, we spent so much time looking, shopping, and creating 2d elevations to find (and agree) to the right one. Since the chain was long and was used on a sloped ceiling, it was difficult to find. I also wanted it to be transparent so I could watch TV while I was doing dishes. My talented friend Jen Walter from Folding Chair Design helped me select a gorgeous clear glass jewel-like fixture from Regina Andrews Design.

The walnut table extends with two leaves to accommodate large groups, so it's ideal for entertaining and doing big puzzles. The table below was a wonderful vintage find from Facebook Marketplace. Definitely a steal and met our style needs.

mid century modern, dining, dining chairs, glass chandelier
Mid mod dining room at my home

It was a must for me to have an outlet under the table in my living-kitchen-dining area for my husband and me to work from home and for my children to do homework.

Choosing a rug in a dining room is always a tough decision because a great rug can really make the space feel pulled together, but we decided against a rug in this room since I thought it would be too difficult to keep clean. I am, however, always on the lookout for a great outdoor rug to put under the table!

Chairs by Schwung

The search to find the perfect dining chairs led me to one of my favorite showrooms at High Point Market, Schwung, where I found these vintage beauties!

The Best MidMod Dining tables

Verellen’s Lisbon dining table is clean and simply balanced. It’s my favorite mid-century round table!

If you need a larger table for entertaining, Theodore Alexander is the perfect high-design option with its square tapered legs and two extensions.

For a table that’s budget-friendly and still statement-making, Article’s Conan Walnut Dining Table is a fabulous find!

Mad Men-Esque Lighting

mid century lighting, jonathan adler, wood stairs, contemporary stairs, white oak stairs
Still loving this Jonathan Adler chandelier in my stairwell. I never get sick of looking at it. it would be great over any dining room table too!

I’m currently obsessing over the Apollo Chandelier from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Because it diffuses light upward, it creates an understated romantic glow - perfect for an intimate, formal dining room.

A pair of Porta Romana’s Cologne Lamps would look gorgeous flanking either side of a buffet in a mid mod dining room. Its shape is inspired by an over-scaled 60s cologne bottle and has a great weight to it.

For something more playful, the Louis Poulson PH5 chandelier comes in pastel-candy colorways and its curves beautifully complement edgy, square dining tables.

The Best Sixties-Seating

Who doesn’t love a sleek minimal yet warm feeling chair from the MCM era? Their versatility allows them to work in both traditional and contemporary dining spaces.

One my favorite chairs ever? The Marcel Breuer dining chair is a classic that is sleek and gorgeous.

Rove Concept’s Breuer knock off chair is Danish-inspired and comes in a variety of beautiful finishes.

Verellen’s Butterfly Barstool has an industrial flare to it and features fun lines that’ll give your space instant personality. The best part? It's sooo comfy.

The Best Places to Shop Mid Mod Decor

For kitschy and colorful accents, Jonathan Adler should be your first stop. These giant acrylic amoebas are spunky and sculptural. I’ve been coveting these for years now!

For sleek mid mod decor, Vitra carries the classics like the wooden Eames House Bird.

Whether I am styling for my own home or for a client, I always find amazing pieces at Arteriors. Regardless of the style I’m designing I always find an elevated version of accessories you’d find elsewhere. For a mid mod space, these Tuttle Vases caught my eye.

Tour my entire home for more contemporary/ mid century inspo here.

Mid mod not your thing? Reach out today and we can help you determine the perfect style and vibe for your home!

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