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Fashionable Trends from the Met Gala to Try in Your Home

What is the Met Gala?

As an interior designer, inspiration comes from many places. One of those is wearable fashion, and specifically the extravagant high-art of dressing for the Met Gala.

So...what is the Met Gala? The Met Gala is hosted by Anna Wintour each year on the first Monday in May. It celebrates fashion in America and raises money for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This Year’s Met Gala Theme: American Fashion Through the Ages

Each year, attendees of the star-studded event are expected to get creative and adhere to an elaborate fashion theme. One year it was “Camp”. Some years the themes are more Avant Garde, like the year it was “The Catholic Church.” This year was somewhere in between: a celebration of the American lexicon of fashion. Attendees were to dress in answer to the question: What does it mean to look American? And to take that a step further: how do these trends pertains to interior design? What does an American home look like in 2022?

Fashionable Trends from the Met Gala to Try in Your Home

Dress your home interior like these red carpet starlets! Starting with a couple of classic trends and moving into the more modern and futuristic: We’re diving into how to best utilize gold accents, bring the outdoors in, and the shapes and shades of the future.

Gold Accents

What’s more American than going for gold? It’s classic! Whatever your style, and whether wearable or interior, metal accents serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. You can think of gold accents like the jewelry of your home, providing a subtle, dynamic touch. Or if bold glamour is more your speed, gold coffee tables, statement-making chandeliers in the dining room might be for you.

Caracole gold sideboard and Currey and Co table lamp
Lizzo looking glamorous in gold

City Mouse, Country Mouse

From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters. One of the things that makes America beautiful is its diversity - in its people and sweeping landscapes. Bring the outdoors in by mimicking the lines of your favorite cityscape, or how its glittering skyline sparkles at night with a creative lighting scheme.

Alicia Keys and a Terzani light fixture

For a more bucolic approach, think about florals and plants that are native to your environment! An easy way to integrate either into your home is with a gorgeous wall mural wrapping around a room. (I wrote about the floral mural and other wallpaper trends recently on the blog here.) For something more subtle, play with patterns on throw pillows and consider the shapes of your lighting scheme.

Global Views mirror

Jonathan Adler beaded art. I need this in my home.
Camilla looking so good in white and florals

What Does the Future Look Like? Veri Peri on the Red Carpet and At Home

The future is now! Every year the Pantone Color Institute selects a color of the year. Curious about who gets to choose the color of the year and what that means? Click here, I wrote all about it! This year’s color was Very Peri – the first time a synthetic shade has been chosen. That means man-made in a lab, not found in nature. A sustainable future looks like a lot more lab grown - meats, diamonds, colors– you name it! Very peri can look youthful and playful and work wonderfully in a midcentury home, as well as it can in a high-gloss paint for a more regal aesthetic.

Thibaut wallpaper and Yumi chair

Sleek Black Curves

Janelle Monet brought her penchant for sci-fi to the Met Gala red carpet this year with her gilded glamour look. Sleek, curvy, and futuristic. With my architecture background, I can't help but think of all the ways to integrate this into the bones of a home first. A well-done curved window, framed in black so the feature pops and highlights a magnificent view – isn’t that the dream?!

Janelle looking so striking and bold in black

Brizo faucet and Philips Collection coffee table.

What were your favorite looks from the Met Gala red carpet? And what styles can you see translating into great interior design? Let me know in the comments below!

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